LS-WXL Debian rebuild

After 4 years of hard working, both hard drives in my LS-WXL have bad sectors. A replacement of hard drives is necessary, as the price of both SSD and large HDD are very good at the moment, I decided to install the system on a HIKVISION C160 256G SSD, while using a HGST 3TB HHD as storage. Here’s how I overcome the issues and finally did it. Prepare As described in: Download files from However, this url might show “Not Found” as the daily build might fail, you have to check another day, say Files are downloaded and put in the first partition of the SSD. SSD partition is done as:

/boot 200MB ext3 / 255GB ext4 /swap 800MB

Install Power up the machine and login with ssh:

ssh installer@

Follow the instructions and reach the point when partition guide is done, there I met the first issue: OOM. Solution is to turn on SWAP. SSH with another terminal window and select “installer shell”, then

mkswap /dev/sda3 swapon /dev/sda3

Login again and redo the process, the installation is completed without further issues. Post install After installation, a few packages are installed to meet my need, however there’s a lot error messages showing up:

Failed to reload daemon: Refusing to reload, not enough space available on /run/ systemd. Currently, 11.0M are free, but a safety buffer of 16.0M is enforced.

To resolve this, I need to increase the run partition size, edit the initramfs.conf:

vim /etc/initramfs-tools/initramfs.conf

Find the line says: “RUNSIZE=10%” and change it to “RUNSIZE=15%” Regenerate the initramfs

dpkg-reconfigure linux-image-4.19.0-6-marvell

-— UPDATE —- Fan control Set signal 0/85/170/255 to pwm1

cat 85 > /sys/devices/platform/gpio_fan/hwmon/hwmon0/pwm1

Check RPM of the fan

cat 85 > /sys/devices/platform/gpio_fan/hwmon/hwmon0/fan1_input

For automatic fan control, install afancontrol and edit /etc/afancontrol/afancontrol.conf accordinglly.